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Tea Advisory Panel.
Tea is the most commonly consumed beverage in the world after water. In the UK it has been drunk for over 350 years. Today, 77% of British adults drink tea and of the tea consumed in the UK, 95% is black tea.
Drinking tea may improve your health - here's' what to try.
Four cups of green tea may keep you running to the bathroom, but you can get the same benefit from drinking one cup of matcha tea, which is made from ground green tea leaves and is said to be the nutritional equivalent of 10 cups of regular green tea.
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tea Wiktionary.
Usage notes edit. In most places tea is assumed to mean hot tea, while in the southern United States, it is assumed to mean iced tea. plant: tea plant, tea tree, tea bush. leaves: tea leaves. beverage: see Thesaurustea.: beverages similar to tea: herb tea, herbal tea, infusion, tisane.
tea Definition, Types, History Britannica.
kombucha instant tea green tea oolong tea black tea Show more. See all facts and data. tea, beverage produced by steeping in freshly boiled water the young leaves and leaf buds of the tea plant, Camellia sinensis. Two principal varieties are used, the small-leaved China plant C.
Tea Definition of Tea by Merriam-Webster.
2: an aromatic beverage prepared from tea leaves by soaking them in boiling water. 3 a: any of various plants used like tea also: a drink prepared by soaking their parts such as leaves or roots and used medicinally or as a beverage mint tea an herbal tea.
Tea Accessories Harney Sons Fine Teas.
We offer a variety of excellent kettles, teapots, mugs, and accessories for brewing and serving tea, since teaware and presentation are a major part of the tea" experience" Be sure to check out our tea collections to find the perfect blend for you.
Urban Dictionary: tea.
The British nation consumes a larger volume of water each day in tea than in every other domestic soft drink put together, including drinking water straight. When they say we are a nation of tea drinkers, they're' not taking the pee.
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The Tea Stylist.
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